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So AI is creating the time and space for designers to do what they are good at.

After all, customers don’t just buy a car to get from A to B. They are also seeking an emotional experience. And that’s something that can only be achieved by a designer with a passion for the thing he or she creates.
Artificial intelligence is not the only technology that’s changing the world of automotive design. E-mobility and automated driving are also creating new opportunities for designers. An interview with Domagoj Dukec, head of Design for BMW i and BMW M, about designing the car of the future.

Creativity is seen as one of the final bastions of the human mind. Now, however, artificial intelligence is even penetrating the worlds of art and design. Read more about the applications of artificial intelligence – and how car designers are using it to their advantage.

Mr Dukec, what will a car look like in 15 years’ time? Like something from a sci-fi movie, perhaps?
Domagoj Dukec: I love science fiction movies. They look at the future and give it a concrete form. That requires real power of imagination. In respect to design we’ll be seeing a few fundamental changes that will revolutionize our understanding of what a car is.

What do you mean by a revolution in car design?
Dukec: In the not-too-distant future, cars will be increasingly autonomous. This will give customers greater freedom to decide and more autonomy to act. While they’ll still be able to drive, they will no longer need to do so and will be able to deal with other things instead. Our task lies in designing vehicles that meet these more diverse requirements.

What will that look like in practice? Can we see this, for example, in BMW’s Vision cars?
Dukec: Yes, in our new concept car, the BMW Vision iNEXT, for instance. It’s about gaining more time to live your life. Boutique hotels were an inspiration for the design of the interior as a place to feel good in. It has a purposely open design and allows for conversation. And when the driver switches to fully automated driving, there are four features that can be operated via intelligent interfaces. The technology deliberately fades into the background and only becomes visible and usable when it’s needed – simple and intuitive.

The sequel can be read here

(Source: bmv.com )

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